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Mission Statment

Our goal is to provide an amazing moment for our customers at any special time in their life.  Such as but not limited to Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Anniversary, Graduations and More.

Our Trained Rock Doves symbolize many things and a release makes a spectacular moment to experience.

Weather at a joyous occasion like a Wedding to symbolize a bride and groom beginning their journey together.  Or providing closure to family and friends at a Memorial Service to Symbolize the Holy Trinity... The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit leading the spirit of your loved one on their final flight home to the heavens

Also at celebrations such as Graduations, Grand Openings and any moment you would like to make memorable with a White Dove Release.

Deborah Hanson: Owner / Trainer

I was born and raised just outside Washington, DC in La Plata, Maryland.  I have always worked with animals and youth.  Training Horses and Riders as well as being a 4-H Leader.  being able to make my living with my Birds has been a dream come true.  I love working with the birds, caring for them, training them and Watching them fly.  It is still such an amazing feeling when they all return to home after each release.  This job is differently a 24 hour, 7 Day a week, 365 Days a year  comment but I do LOVE it. 

Our Birds

Pure white "Rock Doves" (aka Homing Pigeons are used for our releases.  Homing Pigeons posses a natural "Homing" instinct.  Our birds enjoy flying and have received the finest care and hours of flight training.  They are specially trained to fly home after each release.  We DO NOT release our birds in inclement weather, and all releases must take place at least one and a half hours before sunset to allow ample time for our birds to return home safely. 


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I have my cell phone with me most of the time.  If I do not answer leave a message or send a text.  I'm either Working with the Birds, or one of our other animals, doing barn chores, In the middle of a release or Driving to or from a release and will call you back as soon as I am able.

Winged Wishes Sent Up Above

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I provide White Dove releases 7 days a week.  Our birds must be in the air 1 and a half hours before sunset no exceptions.